Civil protection order cases can complicate the parties position over the long term in family law cases. To get a protective order against someone, you must be able to prove to a judge that they committed (or threatened to commit) a crime against you. Also you will need evidence and a witness to help prove your case.

You are eligible to seek a Washington DC civil protection order for a family member, a significant other you are dating, a child in common, as well as a roommate. If you are a victim of sexual abuse, stalking or a sexual assault crime, then you are also able to get a protection order. 

It is very important to know what courtroom has authority to pass judgement in your family law case. Choosing the wrong path in a domestic relations case with these different branches of the DC legal system, can ruin your case in the long run.

Contact the Law Offices of Paul D. Hunt to get expert advice on how to handle a civil protection order in DC. Protection orders in long term family law cases are decided by the domestic relations branch of the courthouse. If you don’t choose based on expert advice, then consequences may pile up quickly in a way that people (that are not lawyers) may not understand. 

During our free consultation, expert Washington DC attorney Paul Hunt will prepare you for what to expect in your protection order hearing. Typically these types of cases bring on countless emotions and it is important to have an expert lawyer in your corner who can fight on your behalf while making calm calculated decisions to help you navigate a complex DC court system.

That is why you need an experienced lawyer who has successfully handled these types of cases for decades. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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