Paul Hunt was quoted by WTOP (the #1 all-news broadcast radio station) about the new DC speed camera showing up in more locations.  As an experienced traffic ticket lawyer, Mr. Hunt has contributed to some of Washington DC’s most prominent media outlets and publications.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Paul Hunt, a lawyer consulted on the issue for the report, pointed to another legal requirement, which he claims the District is not satisfying.

“D.C. statute 50- 2209.11 states that ‘automated cameras “should be deployed in the District”‘ … To put them in Maryland is illegal,” Hunt said. “The District can try and explain this away, but it’s supposed to follow the law.”

The District, meanwhile, has a different perspective on the issue.

“We believe that the validity of evidence of a traffic violation is not dependent on the location where a photograph is taken,” Ted Gest, a spokesman for the D.C. Office of the Attorney General. “In other words, accurate photographic evidence from outside of D.C. can be used to prove a violation in D.C. It is the location of the violation that is significant.”

Traffic Lawyer Experience with DC Speed Camera

WTOP has contacted Mr. Hunt on different occasions to have him contribute to legal news related topics such as this DC speed camera story.  Dealing with speed camera tickets can be tricky, because most people don’t understand how to deal with type of fines.  Whether you are dealing with a red light ticket, stop sign violations or other Commercial Violations such as Idling, we can help. For more information on traffic offenses, please view our Traffic Ticket Lawyer page or call us at (202) 463-1965.

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