Paul Hunt was quoted in another Washington Post article about a Washington DC tax lien on properties.  As an experienced tax lien attorney, Mr. Hunt has contributed to multiple Washington Posts articles.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Paul Hunt, a lawyer who frequently represents lien buyers, said the system works well in the majority of cases. Those appearing most often as tax-lien defendants are developers who have not paid their taxes for business reasons, he said, and the auction process is the most efficient way to put properties back to productive use.

“This process is part of community development, strange as that may seem,” he said.

Most lawyers who practice in Room 519, Hunt said, are conscientious about who owns the properties they deal with, helping bona fide homeowners navigate the system to get their properties back.

“If we get the little old lady, we’ll continue it, and we’ll never ask for judgment,” he said.

But Hunt acknowledged that legal fees can be excessive for cases that are “a little bit procedural in nature.” Higher fees can be justified in more complex cases, he said, such as those with multiple defendants or requiring complex title research.

Paul Hunt has years of DC Tax Lien experience

The Washington Post has contacted Mr. Hunt on many occasions to contribute to articles relating to DC Attorneys and Washington DC law. Paul has been influential in the way DC legislation has been interpreted and amended for the better. DC tax lien law is not an area that is practiced or even understood by many members of the DC bar. At the Law Offices of Paul Hunt, you will see that we a detailed strategic process to handle all types of DC tax lien cases.  To find out more information on how we can help you with your tax lien case in Washington DC, please view our Tax Lien page or call us at (202) 463-1965.

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