Going through a divorce can be extremely traumatic, especially when there are children involved. Washington DC child custody laws can be difficult to navigate and Paul Hunt, a Divorce Lawyer in Washington DC, knows how to guide you though this challenging time. As a lawyer with experience in child custody cases, Paul knows the courts will always make a judgment with the best interest of the child in mind. That’s why it’s important to understand all of your legal options.

DC Child Custody Terminology

Physical Custody denotes where the child will live in both sole custody and joint custody arrangements. This will also indicate what the visitation rights for a child will be (if any).

Legal Custody specifies who will be responsible for the child in both sole custody and joint custody arrangements. This will include who makes decisions about education, health and the overall wellbeing of the child.

Determining DC Child Custody Outcomes:

The Washington DC court system is motivated to have each parent maintain as close to an equal contact with the child to promote a loving environment regardless of marital status. Determining who will have custody of a child in Washington DC, will usually involve a series of pertinent factors.

Below are some questions (not all) that will help the District of Columbia court system make the best decision on a child custody case.

  • What are the wishes of the child (or children’s) with in reason?
  • What are the wishes of the parents?
  • What interactions to either the parents and/or siblings will effect the child emotionally in a positive way?
  • What adjustments will have to be made for a child’s home, school and community lifestyle?
  • What is the mental state of all individuals involved?
  • Do the parents have the capacity to respectfully communicate with each other to reach a mutual decision?
  • What was the involvement of each parent in the child’s life before seeking child custody?
  • Where do each parent live in relation to the child’s normal everyday routine?
  • What are the requirements of each parent’s work schedule?
  • Do the parents have the capability to financially support a joint custody arrangement?

Layout out the ground work to answer important questions for the court as well as accurately following the proper procedure, is extremely important in Washington DC child custody court cases.  For more information about the type of legal documents that are involved with DC child custody cases, check out the DC Bar website. At the Law Offices of Paul Hunt, you can be sure that you will be dealing with someone who has over 20 years of experience as a lawyer in the District of Columbia. Contact us today for a FREE consultation by sending us a message or calling us at (202) 463-1965.

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