Separation DC laws can be tricky to navigate alone before factoring in the traumatic feelings that come with it. To grant a legal separation both parties must have lived apart separately without cohabitation for one year before filing for separation in Washington DC. If both parties have mutually and voluntarily lived separately apart from each other without cohabitation then you can file for separation.

The District of Columbia courts can decree a legal separation or right to live apart without divorce while both parties maintain the obligations and rights of being divorced.  Technically the parties still remain married and are not allowed to enter into a new marriage.

Spouses can petition for a legal separation in DC similar to divorce along with the following requests:

  • child custody
  • alimony
  • child support
  • division of property

There are many reasons for a couple to decide to go the separation route instead of filing for a divorce in Washington DC.

Here are some of the most common reasons people opt for separation DC laws instead of divorce:

  • people of religious faith may no believe or allow it
  • a couple may hope to salvage their marriage
  • some people feel that divorce can be a blemish or imply dishonor

Filing for separation can be devastating and every individual case can be uniquely different.  It is often not something you hear as much of as in years past, because more states are allowing no-fault divorce laws that have essentially taken the place of a legal separation.

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