If you have been terminated from you job in a manner that violates your rights, the Law Offices of Paul Hunt offers a Free consultation with an employment lawyer to assess your legal case in the District of Columbia. The areas include Civil Rights cases that may be before the District of Columbia Department of Human Rights. Our representation includes those persons who have been terminated from employment where the employer has given implied contractual rights through personnel policies that can be enforced in court.

Knowledge of your rights can give you an advantage when seeking severance under favorable terms. It is worth your time to get a FREE consultation from the Law Offices of Paul D. Hunt so that you know your rights if you are terminated from a job in Washington DC.

The DC Office of Human Rights is the local Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) unit in the District of Columbia. DC laws are among the most expansive in the country concerning freedom from discrimination of any kind and actually expand upon federal laws included in Title VII. The DC agency is the initial point of contact for discrimation claims in this jurisdiction. At the Law Offices of Paul D. Hunt, we do not tolerate unlawful discrimination at all (in accordance with the law of this jurisdiction). In addition to contacting our firm immediately, if you are the victim of such outrageous and unlawful conduct you may also wish to contact the following:

Office of Human Rights, District of Columbia

EEOC Wahington, DC Field Office

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