One of the most important decision you can make for your family is carefully arranging your estate, so when you pass it on to your love ones, everything will be in order as you intended it to be.  Our estate planning lawyer will help you maximize the value of your estate and at the same time minimize the taxes that have to be paid.  At the Law Offices of Paul Hunt, we know that protecting your family’s financial future is critical and we will use our decades of experience to help you achieve that goal.

Our estate planning lawyer can assist with a strategic estate plan. In particular, this firm can offer some options which include:

  • Simple Will
  • General Power Of Attorney
  • Limited Power of Attorney
  • Conservatorships
  • Trust Plan
  • Pour Over Will
  • Marital Bypass Trust for Married couples
  • Healthcare Proxy
  • Legal Guardianship

During your initial legacy planning consultation with our estate planning lawyer, we will review your asset base and make an accurate determination of what options are the best fit for your overall estate planning strategy. For instance, those that hold real estate property, it is worth considering the creation of a Trust Plan along with a Pour Over Will for an important reason. Such a plan can actually avoid the probate process in the District of Columbia entirely along with associated expenses and time.

For assets titled in a Trust involving real estate holdings, the Washington DC law allows direct title transfer at the Recorder of Deeds in the District of Columbia without the need for Letters of Administration from the DC Superior Court Probate Division.

At the Law Offices of Paul Hunt, we also have the knowledge and experience to provide the support you need when issues involving healthcare and financial decision making come to the forefront. We will take the time to explain what a Conservatorship is and where an appointed person should step in to take legal authority over the decision making of a family member or other loved one. This is also the case with Legal Guardianships. We can provide documents to expressly have appointed persons carry out wishes involved with delicate and personal healthcare decisions.

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