Some of the most complicated legal disputes can take place inside your home with the people who are closest to you. For the past two decades the Law Office of Paul Hunt has been helping people find the best possible family law solutions that originate from problematic disagreements.

We handle a wide range of family law matters, including divorce, custody and visitation, child support, paternity and modification proceedings (modification of child support, custody, visitation or spousal support).

If you are involved in complex case, we have the experience and resources to vigorously protect your financial and parental rights, as well as give you the legal representation that you deserve. Our 20 years plus experience allows us to simply and efficiently handle cases such as an uncontested divorce in Washington DC.

We have extensive trial experience with the use of experts, forensic accounting and other technical processes in court cases that gives our clients a key advantage. When possible, we will suggest parenting coordinators in the appropriate cases to work constructively between the parties to resolve legal issues without having to go to trial.

Common Family Law Disputes:

DIVORCE: In simple divorce cases where there are no children or property disputes, we can put you on an expedited calendar allowing the parties involved to bypass the often crowded trial calendars that exist in DC Superior Court.

CHILD CUSTODY AND SUPPORT: Regardless of whether parties are married, child custody and support issues can arise in Washington DC. This includes new cases as well as situations where a person is seeking to modify their visitation arrangement or amount of child support. We have handled these type of cases with success for decades. After our FREE consultation you will know your rights concerning custody as well as the child support guidelines.

ALIMONY/SPOUSAL SUPPORT: The Law Offices of Paul Hunt has handled many successful cases where a spouse is claiming for support in a divorce case. The law in the District of Columbia on spousal support sets forth the guidelines where such support is appropriate. As an experienced family law lawyer Paul Hunt knows whether you or the other party may be entitled to such relief under the law in Washington DC. This is a fact intensive analysis and we are happy to give a FREE consultation on the topic.

Contact us for consultations about Guardianships, Conservatorships and other more specialized areas if the dispute takes place in the District of Columbia.

There are many issues in the District of Columbia, Superior Court, Domestic Relations branch that are heard by the court in addition to divorce matters. These same matters are often referred to as being part of DC Family Court. At the Law Offices of Paul D. Hunt, PLLC we have extensive experience in family law of all kinds in Washington DC. If you are looking to find a family law lawyer in the district, then contact the Law Offices of Paul Hunt at 202-463-1965 or send us a message.

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