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Have you been the victim of bad home improvement in the District of Columbia? Contact our law offices if your contractor failed to secure a home improvement contractor license in Washington DC. The most common problem in Washington DC is that many contractors work WITHOUT a valid license or permit issued by the District of Columbia. The law in DC requires that your contractor have a valid home improvement contractor and salesperson license. If they do not have such a license, the contractor is not allowed to take any advance payments under the DC Consumer Protection Act. If they do so prior to the COMPLETION of the job, then such contractor must return all of the monies paid by the homeowner regardless of any value of the services provided.

In cases where the contractor acts with wrongful intent, the homeowner may recover treble damages. DC provides consumers with some of the strongest protection in the nation against violations of these home improvement contractor license rules. What appears to be the problem is that in our jurisdiction of intense growth, many homeowner simply are unaware of the rules.

A Licensed Home Improvement Contractor

We take things a step further in our organization by providing collateral services to not only assist in litigation but to solve your real problems. For instance, the Law Offices of Paul D. Hunt, PLLC is proud to associate with Neighborhood Remodelers, LLC that has an office at our location.

John Soule is one of the most knowledgeable contractors in this jurisdiction and can provide expert testimony if needed. More importantly, he is the kind of contractor who has gone through all the steps to become a licensed, insured, bonded contractor in the District of Columbia. He can intelligently analyze your home improvement needs and provide you with a solution that is customized for your specific situation.

Obtaining A Home Improvement Contractor License

DC has some of the toughest laws in the country facing home improvement contractors. The process itself is rather mechanical for contractors in good standing with the District of Columbia. That said it can be a very complicated and frustrating process for people that are fully qualified to be contractors BUT just cant get through the red tape.

WARNING, if you do not have both a valid DC Home Improvement Salesperson and Home Improvement Contractor license, you can be sued and forced to return all monies taken prior to the completion of the job.

At times, this harsh law can lead to what appears to be unfair results against an otherwise good contractor, who over looks a licensing requirement or perhaps let a home improvement contractor license lapse. At the Law Offices of Paul D. Hunt, PLLC, we help contractors navigate this tedious process to obtain a valid DC contractor license and protect homeowners from contractors who are providing services illegally.

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