Dedicated District of Columbia Law Firm Since 1995
The Law Offices of Paul D. Hunt, PLLC was established in 1995 by Paul Hunt, a Washington DC attorney with more than 20 years practicing in the District of Columbia Court system. We are a firm that can meet the needs of individuals and businesses facing a wide array of legal issues including criminal, divorce and family law, real estate, business licensing and personal injury matters in Washington DC.

Over two decades, Paul Hunt has built a reputation of being fair minded making credible presentations of a case to local judges, but also as being firmly dedicated to tenacious representation of his clients. He has extensive experience in all the practice areas of the firm and will personally represent you in your case.

Our firm can also provide you contact with support services such as process servers, experts or others who may be needed in a particular case. We can maximize the strength or your settlement position and otherwise prepare and execute effective trial cases that obtain the results you deserve.

DC Community Lawyering
As a top Washington DC law firm we pride ourselves on giving affordable and effective representation. We know the ins and outs of all of the firm’s practice areas to the highest degree.

We will know the clerks who examine the documents at the Recorder of Deeds of the District of Columbia. The firm will likely know whoever the judge on your case is no matter what area of the law is involved. Law firm lawyer Paul Hunt will be familiar with the officials and courtroom clerks at the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, federal court.  This is due to his many years of experience running a top Washington DC law firm and displaying high respect for the law in every courtroom. This provides our clients with an aggressive advocate who has the respect of the local judges both in the federal court and DC Superior Court.

We have the track record demonstrating superior legal representation of the highest degree of effectiveness. The legal standards in the local jurisdictions of Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia are all totally different. When you have a case in the District of Columbia, it is crucial that your advocate has the experience that matters when it comes to your legal case.

Convenient location to Superior Court and other Courts and Agencies
Our offices are located approximately two blocks from the Washington DC Superior Court and convenient to all agencies and court systems within the District of Columbia.

We always offer FREE initial consultations at our office right with easy access to Archives-Navy Memorial, Gallery Place China Town and Judiciary Square metro stations.

We also offer structured fees or monthly payment plans to make our legal services more affordable. We also understand that not every legal matter can be resolved simply or inexpensively. When things get tough, we have the resources to fight hard for our clients.

If necessary, our firm can refer you to well-respected experts and other services to help build a strong case and/or resolve problems without having to go to court. Some of these include investigators, medical experts, financial resources and any other appropriate affiliated services.

Lastly, when it comes time to go to trial, Mr. Hunt provides experienced tenacious representation that you can depend on and should expect from a top Washington DC law firm.

The reason initial consultations are always free is that we want to determine how we can help you with your situation before discussing legal fees.

Some cases are susceptible to contingency fee retainer agreement which is where any attorney does not charge fees up front and only collects fees if there is a recovery, such as in a personal injury case.

All lawyers must sign a written retainer agreement with clients setting forth the details of the fee structure as well as the scope of the services. This firm’s policy of having a neutral case evaluation without charge sets us apart in helping clients make the best decisions on how to go forward with their important legal matters.  We believe in educating potential new clients without the pressure of having to pay a lawyer for an initial opinion.

We will provide an opinion as well as options going forward prior to signing any retainer agreement with a client. We accept most major credit cards to assist our clients with affordable payment plans.

Call us now for a FREE neutral case evaluation (202) 463-1965 or fill in the email contact form for a prompt response.


Criminal Defense

Regardless of the criminal defense charges you face, we can help.

DWI Lawyer

Quality legal representation for DWI, DUI and OWI cases

Family Law

Divorce, custody and visitation, child support, paternity and modification proceedings

Real Estate Law

Real estate closing transactions and litigation cases.

Tax Liens

We represent both Investors and Homeowners in tax lien cases.

Personal Injury

Automobile accidents or other kinds of accidents in the District of Columbia.

Employment Law

Terminated from you employment in a manner that violates your rights?

Agency Law/Permits

Has your business has been fined or prohibited from operating in the District of Columbia?

What makes me qualified?

The Law Offices of Paul D. Hunt is uniquely qualified to represent clients in the District of Columbia based on a track record of success that spans over two decades in Washington, DC. From winning jury trials, to success in setting key precedents in the DC Court of Appeals, this firm has the experience and know how to bring muscular representation which can help bring successful outcome to your legal case in the District of Columbia.
  • What will be the result of my case?

    We take our commitment to ethics in client representation seriously. A lawyer is not allowed to promise the outcome of a case to a client. A party seeking representation in a legal matter has an understandable desire to hear that the case will come out a certain way. At this law firm, we will give an honest assessment of the case with regard to outcomes and will never over promise potential results in order to secure a retainer. These are ethical values you can trust when you accept our legal representation.

  • Do I need a lawyer who specializes in the laws of Washington DC for my case in the district?

    Yes. Each jurisdiction has its own local set of rules that govern all areas of law within its borders along with its own personnel in each area. For example, the rules of law and the entire structure of the court system in the State of Maryland are significantly different than in Washington, DC. In hiring an attorney in the District of Columbia, it is critical that you receive advice and representation from an attorney who has experience in the court system in Washington DC. At the Law Offices of Paul D. Hunt, we have specialized in the laws of the District of Columbia for over two decades and understand the critical nuances of law that can affect the outcome of your case.

  • Is the initial consultation free?

    At the Law Offices of Paul D. Hunt in the District of Columbia, we always offer a FREE initial consultation in regards to possible representation. This gives you a chance to receive a realistic assessment of your case from an attorney with over two decades of experience in the laws of Washington DC.  We call this a neutral case evaluation. We will never over promise results in your case to get a retainer. We will give you a realistic analysis of your potential outcomes and what the key steps are of your case in the District of Columbia to be successful. Once retained, we implement the steps in a manner that will maximize your chances for a successful outcome.

– October 1, 1995, Opening

Law Offices of Paul Hunt, PLLC opens for business in the District of Columbia. The firm has a commitment to ethical representation in Washington, DC from the outset.

– June 29, 2001, 1st Jury Trial Win

Law Offices of Paul Hunt, PLLC wins first jury trial in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia (federal).

This begins a string of successful jury trial representation that continues.

– 2008 , Set Major Case Precedent

Law Offices of Paul D. Hunt, PLLC represents successful client in case that sets major precedent in Washington, DC which affects the power structure of the entire court system. Importantly, the rights of a homeowner who lost their home in litigation are protected.

See Shoetan v. Link, 2009 D.C. Super. LEXIS 5, at *12 (D.C. Super. Ct. Nov. 13, 2009).

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