Attorney Paul Hunt is one of the top Washington DC lawyers. He has an impressive record for attorney wins and has set major case precedent for laws in the District of Columbia. Mr. Hunt has been helping DC residents navigate the complex legal system in our nation’s capital since he opened his firm in 1995.  Below are some of the major attorney wins that Paul has delivered for his clients and the list continues to grow!

– February 2021, Motion To Lower Child Support Order For Restaurant Owner Granted

Motion to lower child support order granted to DC restaurant owner whose business has been affected by the pandemic. This case involved a restaurant owner with fairly complicated taxes which made a hearing necessary in front of a judge by webex of course. The resulting difference must be substantial which means more than a 20% difference downward which in ordinary times can be difficult. These days this is common unfortunately.

– February 2020, Enforce Due Process

This was a District of Columbia Court of Appeals TOPA (Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act) case. We were able to obtain a motion to vacate in this case and enforce a due process to require the courts to give reasons for their opinion. It is our view the the process must always be followed.

– December 2019, Quiet Title

The is an update on case 2019 CA 001143 R(RP). The firm got an order clearing title to 1706 Florida Ave., NW, Washington to allow a large development last Wednesday. The cranes can now come in and develop this property. This is for high value developers working with decades old title chain breaks (60 years ago in this one with a fictitious person). These are problematic DC ROD (recorder of deeds) matters where title chains must be fixed and cleared, in order for the title company to insure the transactions (that are required) allow the sale of the piece of land (small going straight up) and allow big development.

– October 2019, Annulments Have Narrow Grounds

Annulments have narrow grounds in dc but the firm has gone through multiple annulments under the DC statute with the various grounds.  The cited case involves jurisdiction in marriages that are void.

– September 2019, Parental Access Restored

The firm faced a default hearing in the Superior Court of the District if Columbia on this fact pattern. The firm raised a myriad of Constitutional law, DC law along with specific issues that the judge was forced to agree with immediately without argument. This was stunning to the other party.

Result: Default Vacated and parental access restored when the other party was wanting to move away from the jurisdiction.

When it masters the most, rely on our experience and expertise in DC Family Law Cases. Call now for a free consultation on 202-463-1965 and protect what matters the most……legally preserving the rights of access you have to your children.

Weir vs. Milyon Jones

– August 2019, Incarcerated Divorce

Paul Hunt successfully won a case getting a divorce for someone who is incarcerated in a federal penitentiary in Colorado. The complex question that Law Offices of Paul D. Hunt, PLLC solved in this case was getting a call from a federal prison that is in lockdown into a direct conversation with the the judge at the bench in DC Superior courtroom 102, Judge Soltys. The other party was being difficult for personal reasons which are understandable. Bottom line, Paul was able to organize a telephone conversation with the judge in open court that led to the divorce being granted by judge Soltys.

Porter v. Ward Porter; Cause/Case: 2019 DRB 000200

– August 2019, Secured The Tax Deed!

2019 LTB 9785 was an eviction after a tax sale judgment. Andy and Debbie Wilson, LLC vs. Octavia Artis.  First, my client obtained a 2009 tax sale certificate by assignment when a prior firm failed to get service for 8 years. When the assignment occurred and our client took over, we immediately got service and obtained judgment.  Then we secured a tax deed and full ownership rights for the client because we understand the process effectively for clients.

Today the final step.  Acquiring possession of a property when holdover owners remain in the property after judgment. In the above referenced case the inevitable judgment after the extremely difficult technical requirements of an LT case were met, the defendant agreed to move out in 90 days with a $6000 cash for keys arrangement negotiated on the spot and split into parts. The client who is extremely sophisticated worked with counsel to achieve cost effective goals, avoid cost and delays and remove any risk from what is a large gain.

– July 2019, Confident Oral Argument Wins!

2019 CA 804 B. Case dismissed on my argument that jurisdiction was improper in DC. Pretty technical. Oral argument in front of a judge was successful gained by years of experience in the courtroom.

– July 2019, International Divorce Win!

Firm concludes international default divorce from Ethiopian defendant. Another case where the Firm shows how it can obtain service around the world on individuals that cannot be found. This is called a motion for service by publication which was granted in this case allowing the client to obtain a divorce when he could not locate the defend in Ethiopia.

– June 2019, Protected Your Investments

Carroll Lee is the name in court view where we first got a big victory and took three adjacent lots on Grant St., NE that are each 2500 Square feet of of Nannie Helen Boroughs in that area. Recently, a prior lien purchaser who never obtained a Deed tried to nullify the judgment. We immediately responded and defeated this motion and protected the investment.

– June 2019, Real Estate Quiet Title Matters

The firm just won a huge victory to add to our list of attorney wins in a case that will likely result in a major development at 1706 Florida Ave., NW. This space was owned by a DC family that had historically owned small parcels of real estate in DC that are now worth a fortune. The Law Offices of Paul D. Hunt, PLLC has been directed to clear title through a Complaint to Quiet Title and to obtain a declaratory judgment to clear the way for the development. The key was obtaining service on a defendant who created a 60 year old break in the title chain that prevented title companies from underwriting the deal. We got a motion to serve by publication granted on what was probably a fictitious defendant named Russell J. Moore and the court gave positive indication that it was going to issue a default judgment curing the break in the Title Chain.

Note to Developers: when the stakes are this high you need to contact me immediately in highly complex large-scale Quiet Title matters.

Case is searchable in Courtview by name of 1706 Florida Ave LLC.

– June 2019, DWI Offender Avoids Mandatory Jail Time

The defendant is a first time offender for DWI. There were a few exacerbating factors that caused the him to face possible jail time of 10 days. Most importantly, the government began the case by charging an enhancement of a mandatory 10 days in jail because his BAC content was measured at precisely .20 by the discovery they provided. This is right exactly on the .20 cutoff that triggers the 10 days mandatory time. For the government, they lose if they can’t prove that beyond a reasonable doubt. The government refused to back down, at first. Counsel (me) recommended to retain an expert of significant experience who is located in Maine and can be found on the web, Richard Parent. The expert had an extensive Resume with expertise necessary to allow him to testify as to the accuracy of the test and to ask detailed discovery questions. This kind of witness almost automatically causes reasonable doubt that the blood test is accurate to .001. It just can’t be that accurate. He costs around $3500 non/refundable. One I filed the paperwork noticing the expert to the government under court rules and stating our legal theory, the government immediately backed down to standard first time treatment 10 days prior to trial with no jail time. 2018 CTF 2689 District of Columbia v. Jay Miller.

– 2014 , Successful DWI Bench Trial

Law Offices of Paul D. Hunt is successful at a DWI bench trial in keeping a client from mandatory jail time by successfully arguing the lack of evidentiary basis to prove that an occupant not wearing a seat belt was a minor. The result is a client avoiding jail time.

– October 1, 2010, Set Major Case Precedent For Citizens

Law Offices of Paul D. Hunt successfully represent a litigant against the District of Columbia on a major issue of law in the District of Columbia. This case sets a major precedent expanding the rights of citizens to gain relief against the DC government when their rights are violated.

See Barnhardt v. District of Columbia, 8 A.3d 1206 (D.C. 2010)

– 2008 , Set Major Case Precedent

Law Offices of Paul D. Hunt, PLLC represents successful client in case that sets major precedent in Washington, DC which affects the power structure of the entire court system. Importantly, the rights of a homeowner who lost their home in litigation are protected.

See Shoetan v. Link, 2009 D.C. Super. LEXIS 5, at *12 (D.C. Super. Ct. Nov. 13, 2009).

– June 29, 2001, 1st Jury Trial Win

Law Offices of Paul Hunt, PLLC wins first jury trial in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia (federal).

This begins a string of successful jury trial representation that continues.