Paul Hunt is an experienced probate lawyer with extensive history assisting clients through the probate process of the Superior Court in the District of Columbia, Probate Division. For many this difficult time involving the loss of a loved one is coupled with a legal process that most people have never engaged in. Many citizens of the District of Columbia have limited knowledge of the legal requirements of probate, which are intertwined with the ability to manage real estate and other holdings.

In the District of Columbia, the Probate Division provides a court-supervised process which allows distribution of assets upon a person’s death. These remaining assets may either be distributed according to the terms of the decedent’s will or to the intestate laws of the District of Columbia when the Superior Court issues Letters of Administration as described below.

The DC Probate Process

A Will to be filed in the District of Columbia Probate Division will include in smaller cases the abbreviated forms below:

After an appointment is made, the main role of the Personal Representative is to carry out the terms of the Will. The Superior Court of the Washington DC Probate Division will issue Letters of Administration to allow the management of the assets involved in the matter. The Personal Representative will merely sign a form provided by counsel on the Verification and Certificate of Notice filing after publication occurs.

This process can take years, and can become a nightmare if the situation is mismanaged or just not understood.  The need for publication in a DC probate case will also be addressed and explained in our initial FREE consultation.

We can also assist you in the additional service of Transferring and Recordation of Deeds after Letters of Administration are issued. This process occurs at the Office of the Recorder of Deeds for the District of Columbia. A less experienced lawyer can cause delays in the retitling of assets. With a highly experienced attorney, the client can avoid delays and errors that could lead to unnecessarily prolonging the probate period and drive up costs.

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