What Is A Quiet Title Action

Quiet title, or what’s known as a quiet title action, is a lawsuit that is filed with intent to clear and resolve defects in a title chain, with regards to real property. We typically see cases in Washington DC for instance when a previous owner sells a property twice or otherwise when somehow there are unresolved breaks in title chain. The lawsuit is meant to obtain a judicial order resolving the title chain issue (or quiet title) and ultimately make a clear and legal determination of the ownership of the subject property.

How Quiet Title Works

There can be many reasons a quiet title action could take place. They range from perfecting older Washington DC Tax Sale judgements to prior owners who sold the property multiple times and even includes owners who use fictitious names. The common problem in these situations is the title companies will not insure conveyance of properties that are in this status. That is why a quiet title action must be filed to legally resolve the title chain issue through a judicial order. This will satisfy the needs of the title company and allow the transaction to go forward.

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We can obtain a court order allowing title companies to insure properties and to complete a sale of property in the District of Columbia. Whether you are homeowner or a large real estate developer, our expertise can assist you in resolving your Washington DC quiet title issues.

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