It is advisable for anyone making a property purchase to have a title search done, but it is not just for property purchases. A title search can reveal valuable information about the property, including any liens or unpaid taxes. It can also help someone seeking to contact the owner of a property, for investors looking at land and many other similar scenarios.

What is involved in a Washington DC title search?

A title search is a comprehensive search done of public documents that are kept by the state on any piece of land within the borders. These include land records, general liens, court records, bankruptcy search, death records, court records, OTR records and/or a Washington DC survey map.

Searches on titles are conducted to locate any legal documents related to the property that may affect the title. Once the documents have been discovered the information is prepared into a summary or abstract and sent to the client who made the request. Since documents related to the title are filed within the jurisdiction where the property is located, the title search will need to be performed within the specific state or jurisdiction.

To simplify a title search and make it more effective, the Law Offices of Paul Hunt offers access to a large database of public records through tools like LexisAdvance (a combination or many records from many states) SkipTracer and Pacer. We are one of a limited number of law firms that have access to Pacer, which is the best bankruptcy search available. We also use the National Death Index centralized database of death record information. Our meticulous pursuit also can include title search documents through the Recorder of Deeds, which hosts an online database of public documents related to the Washington DC area.

Who needs a title search done?

A title search is not just for someone buying property; it is also a useful way to discover information about the land.

While it is most commonly requested by home buyers or house flippers, there are several other scenarios where someone could benefit from a title search. These include anyone looking for the contact details of the owner of a specific property, those researching the tax situation on a property, or investors looking for a property (even if the building or home has been boarded up).


No matter what the circumstances, when you need to know about a property title the Law Offices of Paul Hunt can simplify the process for you. With our services, documents can be discovered on your desktop and even your mobile device so you can be informed on the go.

We have earned a reputation for being the number one resource for lawyers. We have an extensive database of documents and resources to help you in your title search. Our services make a title search easier and more efficient to perform. We also offer a very competitive flat rate for title searches in Washington DC.

When you need to know everything about a property, a title search is the best way to find out. Let the Law Offices of Paul Hunt help you find the answers.

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