Paul Hunt was quoted in this Washington Post article about a reckless driving citation offense in Virginia.  As an experienced Washington DC lawyer, this is not the only time Paul has been quoted by the Washington Post for one of their news articles.

An excerpt from the Washington Post article:

Paul Hunt, a lawyer representing Selden, said the DMV’s reading of Virginia reckless-driving offenses changed at some point earlier this year, and it is within the agency’s discretion to change it back. But Babers has held fast to her interpretation. In letters to Fry and Selden, she cited the dramatic increase in stopping distances at high speeds.

“Driving 81 miles per hour is dangerous, not only to the well-being of the driver, but also to those around him or her in that the ability to maintain control is reduced the higher the speed of travel,” she wrote.

Reckless Driving Citation Experience

The Washington Post chose Mr. Hunt for this story because of his many years of experience in traffic court dealing with a variety of traffic cases.  He has helped numerous clients navigate traffic court for speeding tickets, stop sign violations, uninsured motor vehicles, unregistered vehicles and reckless driving citations.  It is important that your attorney in Washington DC knows about new legislation in the district as well as the nuances of Washington DC law, when dealing with traffic court.  Paul knows the ins and outs of the DC traffic court and can help you navigate this tough and sometimes tedious process.  For more information on Paul’s experience as with traffic ticket laws, please visit the traffic offenses page.

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