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Criminal Defense

Regardless of the criminal defense charges you face, we can help.

DWI Lawyer

Quality legal representation for DWI cases and Traffic Offenses

Family Law

Divorce, custody and visitation, child support, paternity and modification proceedings

Real Estate Law

Real estate closing transactions and litigation cases

Tax Liens

We represent both Investors and Homeowners in tax lien cases.

Personal Injury

Automobile accidents or other kinds of accidents in the District of Columbia.

Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Uncontested, Contested, Child Custody and Support.

Agency Law/Permits

Has your business has been fined or prohibited from operating in the District of Columbia?


  • Paul's experience was needed!
         Paul helped me out when I needed it the most. I needed a lawyer who understood Washington DC law. He knew exactly what needed to be done and how to handle my case.  
    Reggie Porter (Google Review)
  • He passed every test!
         Hi my name is Prophetess Andrea a passionate Law Student who came in desperate need of an attorney for my son and thank God there was Paul D. Hunt. Of course at first I gave him a challenge and tested his ability to serve me with honesty but I tell you he passed every test. In fact if could I would rate him not just a five star but a 10 if possible. He is the best. Thanks again and I will make sure to tell all my class mates, friends and family.  
    Prophetess Andrea (Google Review)
  • Paul was willing to take the time!
         Unlike my other lawyer, Paul was willing to take the time to help me actually understand my personal injury case and options thereof. Frankly, I don't know what i would have done without him!  
    Jade Sannicola (Google Review)
  • Relieved any stress or anxiety I had!
         Mr. Hunt was very thorough and fast on his feet. I am very pleased with the outcome of my case. As a person without any knowledge of law he explained every concept and possible outcome in way that I could make sound decisions. He was able to relieve any stress or anxiety I had about the court process and everything went just as he said it would. I definitely recommend!!
    Alana Dawson (Google Review)
  • Fast Settlement!
         Paul was able to quickly set up our contract--at very short notice!--and helped me review the settlement documents prior to closing.
    Wakaba Futamura (Google Review)
  • Patient and incredibly helpful!
         Upon encountering the labyrinth of steps to set up a non-profit organization, I called on Mr. Hunt for help. He was very patient and incredibly helpful to me, consequently making it all very easy!
    Leo Schrider (Google Review)
  • Pleasant and honorable!
         Mr Hunt is very pleasant and honorable. He keeps you updated on your case status and he is patience and very cool to talk to...I WOULD TOTALLY RECOMMEND HIS SERVICES TWO THUMBS UP FOR MR.HUNT...
    Daquan Hooks (Google Review)
  • Highly Recommended!
         Paul was very patient, professional and understanding. I highly recommend Paul for any of your legal needs.
    J.R. Lewis (Google Review)

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